Monday, 14 June 2010

Laos: Vientiane - Cherry's Diary: Our new home

Finally my half-sister Lily & I have a new home. A new home far from Bangkok. A new home in another country called Laos in the capital city of Vientiane. A new home surrounded by trees and plants & compared to Bangkok, this is a dream come true. We have our very own house, which is roomy & quite comfortable for our needs. We have a large garden to play in and explore and being surrounded by high walls a very safe place, too. ..... although, given the opportunity we both love to escape and roam in the quite Soi (street) outside and explore the Buddhist temple opposite. The young monks are very friendly and do not mind us playing around. Every morning, after a quick breakfast, Nigel takes me for a walk along the banks of the mighty River Mekong. At the moment, Lily is still too young to enjoy this walk, really, I think, she hates being on the lead. I like it, as I am always close to my master, but still able to explore and I have made a number of doggy friends too..... Life is just perfect:

The main house

This is our new house, which is roomy but quite cosy & is connected to the main house

Given the opportunity we do like to sit in comfort in the Main House watching the TV or just falling asleep.....

That's me

& this is my half- sister, Lily

The garden is a a great place to explore and has many interesting plants:

A pretty blossom tree

and produces Carambola or Star Fruit

We have our own large Mango tree

a couple of delicious Yellow Coconut palms

and a number of Banana Plants, too....

Here are the gates to the property from the quiet Soi

& here am I on guard duty.......

View of the gates to our home from the Buddhist temple

The temple from the front....

The Temple Bell-Tower has many stone carved animals in front...

Here are a couple of pictures, taken on my walk along the Mekong River, close-by
to home.

A Fish farm

A fisherman with traditional fishing net...

Young fisherman

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